Dorota Kozinska, The Gazette

            "Folk artists are more than gadget-makers" (extrait)

by Dorota Kozinska, The Gazette, 1-11-1997


 Try packing an installation that takes up a whole room, filling it with images and sounds to boggie the mind.

 Calling his work Romantisme Post-­Moderne, this inventive recycler has created a living exhibition that threatens to steal the show. It resembles a Star Trek Borg playground, with mechanical toys engaged in a séries of completely nutty escapades, each scene given a hilarious title.

Nat King Kong is a stuffed monkey puffing on a cigarette while strumming a yellow guitar. Its stage is an old Singer sewing machine, the foot-pedal acting as a seat.

King Kong

Development of a Nervous Break-down (Dépression nerveuse en formation), lists its recognizable symptoms as Anonymous Sir Hot Dog (Sir hot dog anonyme),  Universal Bowling Game (Jeu de boules universel),  or The Fate of the American Dream (Le destin du rêve américain),  illustrating them with equally nonsensical and unrelated objects.

Magnetic Drama  (Drame magnétique), is of the naughty kind, with two plastic male and female dolls trying to connect unsuccessfully, to the accompaniment of bells and whistles.

Add to that The Wet Firecracker (Pétard mouillé),The Sulkynose Breathometer, (Le détecteur d'haleine), and The Mad-as-Heck Trophy  (Le Trophée Joualvert) and you have the making of one wacky work of art

Welcoming the visiter to this mad playground is a six-foot tall robot with a clown face and orange hair, Latinus Rebutum, spewing quotes in several languages, including Latin.

And what is it all about, you ask? "I am exploring the interaction between objects, words, sounds, smells and im­ages," explained Veilleux, "in an at­mosphere of contagious humour."

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"Il n'y a pas d'histoire précise ou linéaire au sein de cette œuvre et rien n'est vraiment logique dans son propos. C'est comme un gigantesque projet scientifique élaboré par Salvator Dali. Ça me fait penser aux vitrines de Noël chez Ogilvy où tous ces petits mondes s'entassent les uns sur les autres. Mais, cette version est totalement retournée à l'envers". Patricia Rodriguez 

(De l'émission City Beat, CBC, traduit de l'anglais par Sarah Kidd)







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